Arena for Journalism in Europe partners with IJ4EU: Cross-Border Masterclasses & Dataharvest 2023 fellowships

Arena is happy to announce a partnership with the IJ4EU consortium for 2022/23. For this partnership, Arena will provide master class trainings on crafting a cross-border collaborative journalism work plan – obviously also with the purpose of preparing an application for an IJ4EU grant, if that’s what the team needs. In 2023, the partnership allows to bring in a number of IJ4EU grantees to present their work at Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference and further a number of grantees to join as participants. We are much looking forward to this cooperation, as the Dataharvest community is the obvious network to be in for IJ4EU grantees, and the Arena team has highly specialised competences in the field of facilitating and training collaborative journalism projects.

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Journalism educations go cross-border with Arena as partner

Ready to go: The meeting in Paris was between Edouard Perrin (CFJ, Paaris), Felix Irmer (IfKMW, Leipzig), Ulla Sätereie (JMG, Gothenburg), Stéphanie Lebrun (CFJ, Paris), Brigitte Alfter (Arena for Journalism in Europe), Sandra Foresti (JMG, Gothenburg), Helena Löfving (JMG, Gothenburg), Maria Hendrischke (IfKMW, Leipzig) und Uwe Krüger (IfKMW, Leipzig). Photo: CFJ

Five European journalism educations and Arena for Journalism in Europe are ready to begin work with the very first Cross-border Journalism Campus with the aim of integrating the cross-border method in journalism from the very beginning. Representatives of the schools met recently in Paris to launch to first phase of the project.

The five journalism educations are Gothenburg University (Sweden), Universität Leipzig (Germany), Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Oslomet – Storbyuniversitetet (Norway) and Centre de Formation des Continue reading “Journalism educations go cross-border with Arena as partner”

Network on the way: Labour is a cross-border issue

Companies go across borders, and labour conditions is a European and global issue. Arena is in the early stages of developing a collaborative network of journalists working on or interested in labour topics: the Arena Labour Network.

For the last months, and thanks to the support of the Otto Brenner Foundation, Arena has been researching how mainstream media cover issues related to labour around Europe, and how much the international dimension is included. The first goal is Continue reading “Network on the way: Labour is a cross-border issue”

Arena gets new managing director

Sanne Schim van der Loeff joins the management of Arena for Journalism in Europe.

Sanne Schim van der Loeff (Photo: Marlene Fröhlich)

We are very happy to present the new managing director for Arena for Journalism in Europe: Sanne Schim van der Loeff will join the team from April 1 (full time from May 1) and constitute the management team together with our current director Brigitte Alfter. Brigitte will in the future concentrate on the editorial and journalistic development of Arena, while Sanne will focus on the organizational and financial sides of development. Continue reading “Arena gets new managing director”

Independent media self-organise

Being the head of an independent public interest medium can be quite lonely. Especially when it comes to handling managerial issues in the organisation. At the same time, more and more of these independent outlets have been established throughout Europe in the past years. In order to solve organisational problems that nobody can solve alone, eighteen European independent media have decided to join forces in the self-organised exchange network Reference, the European Independent Media Circle. Continue reading “Independent media self-organise”

Political attention to Europe’s housing crisis

On January 27, the Greens / EFA group at the European Parliament released a report titled, My home is an asset class“. The Financialization of Housing in Europe, authored by researchers Daniela Gabor and Sebastian Kohl.

The report pays close attention to the role of institutional or corporate landlords – the subject for the large Arena-coordinated collaborative investigation Cities for Rent’. It quotes data and two articles from the investigation, from Der Tagesspiegel and the Dublin Inquirer respectively. Continue reading “Political attention to Europe’s housing crisis”

Jelena Prtorić chosen as Bertha fellow

Our Arena Climate Network project director Jelena Prtorić is chosen as one of the Bertha Challenge fellows for 2022!

The Bertha Challenge is an opportunity for activists and investigative journalists “to spend a year focusing on one pressing social justice issue.” In 2022, the fellows will focus on the question of how the relationship between politics and profit is contributing to the degradation and loss of our freshwater and oceans, and what can be done to ensure equitable access and protection of those finite resources for people and planet? Continue reading “Jelena Prtorić chosen as Bertha fellow”

Get data help for your climate or energy story!

Are you struggling with a data problem in your reporting? Last hours left in our data mentorship programme! Sign up here for a free consultation from our data journalism trainers!

Are you interested in investigating stories related to the climate crisis, energy transition or environmental wrong-doing and you need some help in making sense of the datasets you’ve come across? Continue reading “Get data help for your climate or energy story!”

Arena is partner in pioneering crossborder journalism education

Arena for Journalism in Europe is partner in a pioneering education for crossborder journalism with five European journalism schools, and the project has just received €340,000 in support from Erasmus+.

A two-year pilot project will gather journalism master students from the University of Gothenburg, the Centre de Formation des Journalistes in Paris and the University of Leipzig. The project will be followed and documented by researchers from OsloMet and the University of Amsterdam.

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Use our data – investigate housing in your own town

Everyone needs a home, and high demand for rental flats across European  cities has contributed to make housing a very attractive investment. The total investment into residential real estate in Europe increased more than 700 per cent between 2009 and 2020, from 7.9 to 66.9 billion euros, according to data by Real Capital Analytics. Continue reading “Use our data – investigate housing in your own town”

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