The general information

As a non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands, Arena for Journalism in Europe is obliged to publish basic information online.

General information
Arena for Journalism in Europe is registered as a foundation (stichting) with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number KvK/CCI: 73784443, the RSIN number is 859662949.
Arena for Journalism in Europe’s address is Bilderdijkkade 5-2, NL-1052 RS Amsterdam, Netherlands

The board
The board of Arena for Journalism in Europe consists of:
Nils Hanson, chairperson
Daniel Simons, treasurer
Elisabetta Tola, secretary
Board members receive no remuneration for their work but are remunerated for their expenses, such as travel costs for board meetings. Each board member has one voice.

The mission
Arena for Journalism in Europe has as its purpose to stimulate and support cross-border collaborative and investigative journalism in Europe, including collaboration with other professions, proceeding from the belief that such journalism contributes to information exchange, critical thought, mutual understanding and democracy in Europe.
The foundation fulfils its goal by organising, supporting or financing anything related or conducive to it, such as online and offline meetings and fora, presentations, publications and advisory services.

Policy plan
The policy plan of Arena for Journalism in Europe can be downloaded here.

Finance and activity reports
Arena for Journalism in Europe was registered in January 2019 and follows the calendar year. Finance and activity plans are published annually in the ’About’ section of the website.