Join the Arena Housing Mailing List!

  • Arena for Journalism in Europe launches a mailing list to start building the Arena Housing Project
  • The Arena Housing Project will be an open networking infrastructure to connect journalists working on housing across Europe
  • The Arena Housing Project will also serve as a template for other open cross-border and collaborative research and reporting networks

Copenhagen / Barcelona / Berlin / Amsterdam, 4 September 2019

Arena for Journalism in Europe today launches the mailing list for the Arena Housing Project to bring together researchers and reporters on housing across Europe.

The Arena Housing Mailing List will connect journalists and others engaged with and interested in housing issues. The mailing list, coordinated by Arena, will contribute to developing an active network and a meeting place for people researching and reporting on housing across Europe.

Arena invites all interested in the Arena Housing Project to join the mailing list (with more than 80 people from countries from all over Europe, mostly journalists, but also data experts, scholars, advocates and activists), which is and will remain open to everyone interested.

“A mailing list is a powerful tool to bring about an actual networked community, as its members then know they have the list and each other to discuss and share data, information, contacts and other resources – in this case regarding housing across Europe,” said Jose Miguel Calatayud, coordinator of the Arena Housing Project.

The network-building effort started in May 2019 at Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference, which this year had a track devoted to local reporting and housing, as one of the most pressing topics affecting people’s lives in Europe.

Even though housing is being covered by local journalists all over the continent, the issue doesn’t feature prominently in the European mainstream media and political discourses.

During one of the sessions at Dataharvest, over two dozen attendees brainstormed ways to build and make the Arena Housing Project relevant and useful to journalists and other people researching and reporting on housing across Europe.

By launching the mailing list, Arena is taking the first step towards building the Arena Housing Project as an open networking infrastructure for journalists. The project will also produce a template for open source networked collaborative projects that can be applied to other pressing topics that can benefit from cross-border collaborations.

Arena for Journalism in Europe is a foundation established in the Netherlands in January 2019. Its purpose is to stimulate and support cross-border collaborative and investigative journalism in Europe, including collaboration with other professions, proceeding from the belief that such collaborations contribute to enrich information exchange, critical thought, mutual understanding and democracy in Europe.

Arena organises Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference (until 2018 organised by In May 2020, Dataharvest will celebrate its 10th edition having become the most relevant annual European gathering about data and investigative journalism, and cross-border collaborations. The Arena Housing Project is the first open networking infrastructure being developed by Arena.

For further information please contact:

Brigitte Alfter, director, Arena for Journalism in Europe,

Jose Miguel Calatayud, project coordinator, Arena Housing Project,

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