Reading material

Cross-border collaborative journalism – reading material

The encyclopedia

Konow-Lund, M., Gearing, A. & Berglez, P. (2019). Transnational Cooperation in Journalism. In: Nussbaum, J.F. Oxford Research Encyclopedias, Communication.

The practical guides

Alfter, B. (2019). Cross-border Collaborative Journalism. A Step-By-Step Guide. Routledge.

Grzeszyk, T. & Alfter, B. (2018). Cross-border journalism as a mindset / Cross-border journalism as a method. Hostwriter.

Academics’ and practitioners’ reflections on the new method (and mindset) of cross-border collaborative journalism

In reverse chronological order of publication:

Heft, Annett (2021): Transnational Journalism Networks “From Below”. Cross-Border Journalistic Collaboration in Individualized Newswork. Journalism Studies, Routledge.

Konow-Lund, M. (2019): Negotiating Roles and Routines in Collaborative Investigative Journalism. Media and Communication. Cogitatio.

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Alfter, B. & Candea, S. (eds.) (2019). Journal for Applied Journalism and Media Studies – special Issue on Cross-border Collaborative Journalism, anthology. Ingenta Publishing. Including:

Sambrook, R. (ed.) (2018). Global Teamwork: The rise of collaboration in investigative journalism. Anthology by academics and practitioners. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford. Including:

    • Lewis, Charles (2018): Tear Down These Walls: Innovations in Collaborative Accountability Research and Reporting
    • Alfter, Brigitte (2018): New Method, New Skill, New Position? Editorial Coordinators in Cross-Border Collaborative Teams 
    • Kayser-Bril, Nicolas (2018): Collaboration – One Tool among Many
    • Koch, Anne (2018): Investigative Journalism and Advocacy: Natural Allies? 

First international academic conference on cross-border journalism, Ilmenau 2018.

Heft, A., Alfter, B. & Pfetsch, B. (2017). Transnational journalism networks as drivers of Europeanisation. Journalism, Volume: 20 issue: 9, page(s): 1183-1202 .

Alfter, B. (2016). Cross-Border Collaborative Journalism: Why Journalists and Scholars Should Talk about an Emerging Method. Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies 5/2: 297–311. (Pre-print version available).