Reading material

Handbook and encyclopedia

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The practical guides

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Academics’ and practitioners’ reflections on the new method (and mindset) of cross-border collaborative journalism

In reverse chronological order of publication:

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First international academic conference on cross-border journalism, Ilmenau 2018.

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PhD theses about crossborder collaborative journalism

To our best knowledge, at this stage (early 2022) there are two full PhD theses carried out on crossborder journalism. If you are aware of others, please let us know!

Candea, Stefan (2020). Cross-border Investigative Journalism: a critical perspective. PhD thesis University of Westminster Westminster School of Media and Communication.

Demeneck, Ben-Hur (2016). Journalismo transnacional: Prática, métoodo e conceito (Transnational Journalism: Practice, Method and Concept). PhD thesis at the University of Sao Paolo.

Teaching crossborder collaborative journalism

Alfter, Brigitte; Wiik, Jenny; Deuze, Mark (2019). Taking stock of crossborder journalism education in times of cross-border collaboration. Conference paper at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Hamburg. Academic track reader page 72-92.

Bettels-Schwabbauer, Tina; Leihs, Nadia; Polyák, Gábor; Torbó, Annamária; Pinto Martinho, Ana; Crespo, Miguel; Radu, Raluca (2018). Newsreel – New Skills for the Next Generation of Journalists. A research report as stocktaking for an Erasmus+ project including a clear focus on cross-border collaboration. This is part of the multiple year Newsreel Project.