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General Information

When you visit this website, contact us via mail or other communication channels, register for an event or use one of our services, we collect personal data, that you provide to us.

We are Arena for Journalism in Europe, established as a foundation (‘Stichting’) in the Netherlands. You can reach out to us at the following address:            

Arena for Journalism in Europe
 Keizersgracht 391A
 NL-1016EJ Amsterdam

Arena for Journalism in Europe is committed to privacy by design and complies with European data protection legislation. This Privacy Policy explains the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data by Arena for Journalism in Europe.

Unless otherwise noted on a particular site or service, this privacy policy applies to your use of all services and websites that Arena for Journalism operates.

Personal data collected

When you visit our website, the following personal data is collected, based on our legitimate interest in offering a well-functioning website:

  • IP-address, time and date.
    This data is technically required for the processing of the request on the website and not shared. It is removed when the request is completed, the IP-address will be anonymised in log files.Our websites are hosted at, whose privacy policy applies.

  • IP-address (anonymised), time and date, browser-type and -version, operating system, referrer URL (the page, from which this page was linked).
    This website uses a self-hosted web analytics tool (Plausible analytics) and a WordPress plugin (WP Statistics) to analyse how users use the site and to improve the user experience and content. The information generated about your use of the website is stored, your IP address is anonymised before analysis and is not stored. You can refuse this by activating the Do Not Track mode in the settings of your browser (how-to:
    We do not share this data with third parties.

When you contact us via mail or other communication channels, you consent to us storing your message and further processing the personal data contained in your message as necessary to provide the services you request or to comply with legal requirements. With your consent, we may share your request with others to process it.

When you subscribe to one of our newsletters, you consent to us processing the personal data you provide, which may include:

  • Email address, name, country, organisation, time and date.
    In order to send you one of our newsletters, it is technically necessary to store your email address on our systems. If you also provide us with your name, country and organisation, we may use this information to send you personalised newsletters. We also use these data to analyse the readership of our newsletters and how we can improve them. The data will not be shared with others and will be deleted, once you unsubscribe.For our newsletters, we use Mailerlite (for mailings list Reference Circle, privacy policy: and Mailchimp or mailings lists Arena (for Journalism in Europe, Dataharvest, Climate Arena, privacy policy: to manage subscriptions, deliver emails and analyse usage.

When you subscribe and/or send emails to one of our mailing lists at, you consent to processing of your personal data as follows:

  • Email address, name, time and date, content of the message and other details, that are actively provided.
    In order to subscribe to one of our mailing lists, it is technically necessary to store your email address on our systems. If you provide your name, it will also be stored. When you post messages to a mailing list, they will be delivered to all subscribers to that mailing list. We may keep the messages in an archive of the mailing list on our server. The archive is available to all subscribers to a mailing list. Your data will be kept until you unsubscribe from the list. If the archive is enabled, your messages will be kept even after you unsubscribe, including your email address and name (if provided). You have the right to have your messages removed from the archive – please contact us using the contact details stated below.
    As some email providers tend to reject direct emails from us as spam, we use an email delivery service (Mailjet, privacy policy) to send emails.

When you register and/or post messages on one of our forums (,, you consent to processing of your personal data as follows:

  • IP-address, email address, name, time and date, content of the message content and other details actively provided.
    In order to log in, read messages and post in our forums, you will need to create an account. When you register, personal data is stored on the server: email address, name and other details you actively provide (e.g. position, media). Each time you visit the server, your IP address and the time and date of your visit are logged in order to process your request and to prevent spam and fake registrations. When you read posts and messages, this information is stored in order to show you new and unread posts. If you create posts and messages, these are also stored on our servers, including the date and time. You can delete or make anonymous all your posts and messages in your account settings. You can also delete your account there, which will remove all personal data, including your posts and messages, from our systems.

For our web conferencing and video platform we use the services of Collocall, who run an own server for us.

When you use the service as a participant you consent to processing of your personal data by Arena for Journalism in Europe as follows:

  • Name or pseudonym, date and time, video and audio, chat messages and other shared content (e.g. presentations, photos, shared screen).
    Your name and pseudonym are required to participate in an online session. Turning on video and audio is not technically required, but is an active decision by each participant. Sessions, including audio and video and all other content, are not recorded unless we actively ask you to confirm your consent. If the sessions are recorded, they will be kept on the server, including your name/pseudonym, chat messages, audio and video and any shared content. Arena for Journalism in Europe may keep your name/pseudonym and chat messages for legal and accounting purposes and to improve our services.Our service provider places great importance on data protection and takes measures to collect as little personal data as possible and to protect the data collected, please note their privacy policy.

If you use the service as a host with a personal account, you consent to Arena for Journalism in Europe processing the following personal data in addition to the data listed above:

  • Name, email address, date and time, profile and account information.
    This information is needed to set up and manage the accounts. It will be kept until the account is deleted.

Embedded services

Pages and articles on this website may contain embedded content, such as video and audio, registration forms and content from other websites. The embedded content behaves in the same way as if you were visiting the website directly. For this reason, the same data is collected on the servers of the embedded websites as if you were visiting the website (e.g. IP addresses, personal data, cookies, etc.). Arena for Journalism has no control over the data that is collected, but tries to keep embedded services to a minimum.

List of the embedded services:


Our aim is to keep the use of cookies to a minimum. We use cookies based on our legitimate interest in providing a well-functioning website where this is technically necessary or required for other important reasons.

JA, DHholler-page-viewsSessionfunctional cookie; Counts the pages visited to show a pop-up on special occasions (e.g. first visit)
JA, DHholler-closed-popups
1 monthfunctional cookie
FORemailSessionfunctional cookie; remembers your e-mail as you create an account
FORdestination_urlSessionfunctional cookie; helps redirect you to your requested page after logging in
FORauthentication_dataNext Page Viewfunctional cookie; temporarily stores user information during login flows
FORcnSessionfunctional cookie; temporarily stores notification read state
FOR_t1440 Hoursfunctional cookie; remembers who you are when you log in
FOR_forum_sessionSessionfunctional cookie; associates an ID, and other security-related information, with your browsing session
FORdospNext Page Viewfunctional cookie; enables client denial of service protection, a security protection
FORcookietestSessionfunctional cookie; checks if cookies are enabled when authentication fails
LISTcsrftoken1 yearfunctional cookie; checks if cookies are enabled when authentication fails
LISTsessionidSessionfunctional cookie; security-related information when logging in
TABi18n-language1 yearfunctional cookie; Stores language set in web browser
MEETgreenlight_nameSessionfunctional cookie; Selected username (encrypted)
Sessionfunctional cookies; Information about your session/ID
MEETguest_id24 hoursfunctional cookie; Information about your session/ID

Security measures taken to protect the personal data

Arena for Journalism in Europe has implemented reasonable measures to protect against unauthorised access to and unlawful interception or processing of personal information that Arena for Journalism in Europe stores and controls. However, it is impossible to fully eliminate security risks. Third parties may circumvent our security measures to (un)lawfully intercept data we collect, Arena for Journalism in Europe transmissions or private communications. If any such security breach occurs we will inform relevant authorities of the breach and we will post a notice on this website.

Automated decision-making

Based on automated data processing, we make decisions that may have an impact on individuals. These decisions will concern automated security processes, such as spam filtering and IP-filtering, and may result in (partial) unavailability of our Services. If you believe such a decision has been made in error, please contact us to review the decision.

Your rights

You are entitled to access and correct your data, or ask us to delete it. You are also entitled to withdraw previously given consent to process your personal data, or to object to our processing of your data. You are also entitled to data portability, which means that we will provide you with a copy of the data we have on you, upon your request.

If you want to exercise any of these rights, please send your specific request to We will respond to your request as soon as possible, but at the latest 4 weeks after your request. Note that these rights do not apply if they conflict with other legal obligations of Arena for Journalism in Europe, such as the obligation to keep financial records for a period of 7 or 10 years. 

If you feel any processing of your personal data or other acts by Arena for Journalism in Europe are in violation of your data protection rights, you have the option to contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority through the following link:

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