Join the new European network for journalistic non-profits

A new generation of news organisations is rising all across Europe – one that is strongly committed to serve its audience through public interest journalism and is eagerly trying to build up new, sustainable business models for our profession. In a joint effort Netzwerk Recherche and Arena for Journalism in Europe together with partners from academia (HBI, ZeMKI) and philanthropy (Schöpflin Stiftung) will – for the first time – bring together this emerging scene of journalistic entrepreneurs that we call The New Sector.

We identified close to a hundred news outlets all over Europe that are part of this journalistic evolution. We will soon create an online map and a searchable database of Europe’s vivid scene of journopreneurs in which we want to display the agility, versatility and creativity found among its members.

Parallel to the mapping effort our project aims at bringing The New Sector together – for now at least virtually. For a starter, we have successfully launched a mailing list with member organisations from more than a dozen countries (You can join the list here) in which we share experiences and offer opportunities for networking and collaboration. Our vision is to foster this fruitful and vital exchange by establishing a network of European independent public interest newsrooms in the near future.

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