The Arena Labour Network

About the network

The Arena Labour Network is one of Arena’s topical open-access networks designed to connect journalists, researchers, scientists and tech experts across Europe. Join the network to share knowledge and experiences, keep each other up-to-date on the latest developments in the field and to develop project ideas for cross-border investigations into European labour issues.

How to get involved

As the network is still developing, we rely on your participation and insights. Join the Arena Labour Network signal group to get and stay in touch with journalists and experts on labour from all across Europe.

Or contact with any questions or suggestions.

History of the network

In 2022 many of us met at the Labour roundtable at the Dataharvest to talk about labour issues in different countries that needed investigating on a European scale. This year’s European Investigative Journalism Conference put a spotlight on investigations into the European labour market with its 2023 labour track. Journalists from across Europe spoke about their investigations on various issues related to labour and shared with us their experiences, methods and inspirations for future research in the field. Now we want to build on this – together with you. Let’s build a European Labour Network together!