Apply for climate data and OSINT mentorships

Adriana Homolova
Jonathan Stoneman

Are you interested in investigating stories related to the climate crisis, energy  transition or environmental wrong-doing and you need some help in making sense of the datasets you’ve come across? Have you wondered how the open-source tools can help you investigate environmental stories? Consider applying for the autumn edition of our one-on-one data and OSINT mentorships!

Data Mentorships

In 3 weeks and 3 lessons, our mentors will help you question the climate-related datasets of your choice. The tools and knowledge acquired will allow you to continue working on the topic of your choice.

Please make sure you can spare have at least 4 hours per week for the course. Your mentors will be Adriana Homolova and Jonathan Stoneman.

Apply for the data mentorships here.

OSINT mentorship sessions

Ben Heubl

Do you want to track deforestation in your country by analysing satellite images or track vessels in order to investigate the impact of the fishing industry on our oceans? You will have the possibility to book one session (60 minutes) with our trainer Ben Heubl who will be able to help you out with all your “environmental OSINT” questions!

Apply for the OSINT mentorship here.

Please note that the data mentorship sessions will focus on climate/ energy/environmental data and that the OSINT questions should also be related to climate/energy/environment. 

Both data and OSINT mentorship sessions are supported by the European Climate Foundation.

Do you have questions related to the climate sessions or data/OSINT mentorship? Please reach out to Arena climate coordinator Jelena Prtoric.