Independent media self-organise

Being the head of an independent public interest medium can be quite lonely. Especially when it comes to handling managerial issues in the organisation. At the same time, more and more of these independent outlets have been established throughout Europe in the past years. In order to solve organisational problems that nobody can solve alone, eighteen European independent media have decided to join forces in the self-organised exchange network Reference, the European Independent Media Circle.

How the network will function, what the exact offering will be, and how membership can be expanded is currently the focus for the founding group. For the coming two years, Arena for Journalism in Europe will function as an incubator and will support the coordination of Reference. Maike Olij (Netherlands) is coordinating this effort.

Members of Reference are active in print media, audio media, and digital platforms. The circle welcomes both for- and non-profit media, hyperlocals and media that specialise in investigative journalism. What they share is a belief in the crucial importance of fiercely independent quality journalism in the public interest. In the safe space of the network, the directors (or CEOs, or however the non-editorial heads of the organisations are called) find organisational advice, share experiences, and swap best practices.

The current members of the network are:

Oštro (SI)(HR)
Apache (BE)
A Mensagem (PT)
Reflekt (CH)
Investigate Europe (DE) (IT)
Follow the Money (NL)
The Dublin Inquirer (IR)
Are we Europe (BE)
Reporters United (GR)
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (UK)
Correctiv (DE)
Divergente (PT)
Investico (NL)
Investigace (CZ)
Scoop Macedonia (MK)
Átlátszó Erdély (RO)
Re Baltica (LV)