Political attention to Europe’s housing crisis

On January 27, the Greens / EFA group at the European Parliament released a report titled, My home is an asset class“. The Financialization of Housing in Europe, authored by researchers Daniela Gabor and Sebastian Kohl.

The report pays close attention to the role of institutional or corporate landlords – the subject for the large Arena-coordinated collaborative investigation Cities for Rent’. It quotes data and two articles from the investigation, from Der Tagesspiegel and the Dublin Inquirer respectively.

Big institutional investors are buying up housing all over Europe’s cities and making it more difficult for people to pay the rent. Even after ‘Cities for Rent’, there is a lot more to be investigated and documented.

Would you like to investigate corporate landlords in your city or country? Have a look at what we’ve been doing at Cities for Rent, where you can read about our methodology and browse our data catalogue. If you would like to contribute data to our common effort or you have other ideas to collaborate, do get in touch with the Arena coordinator for the project Jose Calatayud .