Network on the way: Labour is a cross-border issue

Companies go across borders, and labour conditions is a European and global issue. Arena is in the early stages of developing a collaborative network of journalists working on or interested in labour topics: the Arena Labour Network.

For the last months, and thanks to the support of the Otto Brenner Foundation, Arena has been researching how mainstream media cover issues related to labour around Europe, and how much the international dimension is included. The first goal isto produce a report mapping such coverage and identifying needs and opportunities for cross-border investigations into labour topics.

At this year’s Dataharvest, we organised a brainstorming roundtable about collaborating to investigate labour topics across borders. In it, we presented some of the early findings of our research and gathered many inputs about possible cross-border collaborations from the journalists attending the session. To keep the momentum going, after the session we created a Signal group so that interested journalists can keep in touch.

I would like to join the Signal group

If you are interested in the development of the Arena Labour Network, you can also contribute to it by filling in this short online questionnaire about how mainstream media cover labour topics in your country. Your answers will help Arena identify the most pressing labour issues that could lead to cross-border investigations.