The Networks

We create and coordinate networks to promote and facilitate cross-border collaborative journalism.

Our strategy has been to focus on topics of particular relevance and to take advantage of the Dataharvest conference to bring together potential network members – investigative journalists, data experts, other researchers – around a specialised track about the topic selected by the editorial team each year.

When possible, we join forces with existing organisations with the aim of spinning off the resulting functioning network.

Through the Algorithm Accountability track at Dataharvest 2018 and the ensuing editorial coordination by Arena director Brigitte Alfter, an active network of journalists and researchers was developed along with AlgorithmWatch, a Berlin-based non-profit research and advocacy organisation.

In 2019, a Local Reporting and Housing track at Dataharvest brought together two dozen journalists and other engaged researchers working on the different dimensions of the housing crisis affecting Europe. That has turned into the Arena Housing Project: an open collaborative research and reporting network that Arena is actively developing during 2020. Read more

Currently, and working with specialised partners, we are now in the early stages of building a network of investigative journalists and researchers covering the climate crisis and its energy dimension.