The Arena Food & Water Network

Welcome to the Food & Water Network at Arena for Journalism in Europe – by and for journalists.

Together, we seek to put issues concerning food and water on the European agenda while at the same time establishing the connection with citizens on a local level.

The network will provide a space to share knowledge and ideas, discuss research projects and develop cross-border collaborations. For this end, we get together in network meetings and stay in contact through our mailing list and Signal group.

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The Arena Food & Water Network:  Let’s collaborate across borders!

Launched at the European Investigative Journalism Conference – Dataharvest 2022, the collaborative network aims to bring together journalists, researchers and civil society representatives working on all aspects of food, from field to table.

To let us know which issues are most relevant to your reporting and how you would envision the network, you can take part in this short survey.

The range of topics to investigate is wide: from food production and distribution, pesticides or water consumption, to lobbying battles and commodity trading patterns. Moreover, all of this takes place against the background of the significant climate impact of food production.

While there are several journalistic investigations, academic and civil society works that address these issues, they often remain in their national realms or professional contexts. As a result, the impact of research on the European agenda setting remains limited, even though it affects citizens across Europe.

With all of you, the Arena Food & Water Network sets out to change just that


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