The Climate and Energy Network

The climate crisis might be the biggest story of our time. Lately, in a bid to better cover climate change, many media outlets across the globe have set up specialized climate newsrooms, and more and more journalists are covering specifically the climate beat.

Climate and energy – and the methodology one uses to investigate these important fields – is the focus of Dataharvest 2020. A number of sessions will be dedicated to different aspects of investigative, in-depth, data and cross-border coverage of the climate and energy sector.

Dataharvest 2020 will also mark the founding of our future Arena Climate and Energy network that will bring together investigative journalists, academics and other experts working in and covering the fields of climate and energy.

The purpose of the network is to tell climate and energy stories beyond national borders; to facilitate information flows between journalists covering climate and energy at the local and national level, and those covering the EU and international aspects of it. We want to build a network of dedicated journalists who can work as a team and whose expertise will allow us to tell impactful and often underreported stories.

Knowledge, data and collaboration

The Climate and Energy network aims at providing participants with a structure to carry out investigations. It will also provide a platform where we will be able to meet, exchange information and start their collaborations. The network will build a knowledge base and data sets necessary to better understand and cover different aspects of climate crisis.

The network’s coordinator is going to facilitate exchange among its members; observe topics and trends at the European level and ensure that the media is keeping tabs on the relevant developments, and that these get investigated and shared with the network and concerned audience.

For more information, ideas and suggestions, contact the climate network coordinator Jelena Prtoric.