The Arena Housing Project

The Arena Housing Project is an open collaborative network for journalists and researchers working on housing across Europe. It was created following up on the 2019 Dataharvest conference to facilitate and promote cross-border journalism and research to investigate the transnational dimension of the housing crisis in Europe. Read why we initiated the housing project, and read the vision for the Arena Housing Network summarised by founding coordinator Jose Miguel Calatayud for the Nieman Reports.

The Arena Housing Project generates public resources and provides its network with the necessary online infrastructure to share data and information and to collaborate across borders:

Public resources:

Tools for network members:

Arena for Journalism in Europe coordinated the award winningCities for Rent: Investigating Corporate Landlords Across Europe“, an investigation over 7 months done by a team of over 25 investigative and data journalists and visualisations experts from 16 European countries.

We would like the “Cities for Rent” investigation to become the start of an open collaborative effort towards more cross-border research into the crisis of housing affordability in European cities and how that affects people’s lives.

That is why on its website we are sharing our research methodology and its limitations, and approach to data visualisation, and why we are also making available a data catalogue of our investigation.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want access to the tools for network members, please get in touch with Brigitte Alfter, Arena Editorial Director, at