Data dilemmas: Dealing with data and investigating the consequences

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How do we track surveillance and deal with cybersecurity? How do we investigate abuse of personal data? How can we assess the lobbying power of big tech? These are questions of acute importance for all journalists – here is a chance to get closer to some answers!

Join us for a series of three half-day seminars in a cooperation between the Panelfit Consortium, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, European Data Journalism Network and Arena for Journalism in Europe. The seminars are aimed at journalists, academics, and NGOs. They are open for all and free of charge.

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Tuesday, October 19: Cybersecurity in Europe

On Day 1, we zoom in on cybersecurity. A recent international journalistic investigation has shown the threat to democracy posed by spying on politicians and journalists. In the second part of the seminar, academic experts and journalists will dive deeper into the cybersecurity threats and strategies in Europe. Detailed program

Wednesday, October 20: When data hurt the vulnerable

On Day 2, we dive into the lack of balance when personal data are collected. Data collection is ideally balanced with freedom to consent, however vulnerable groups are often not informed, for example when it comes to migrants at Europe’s borders or to predictions in relation to social welfare. What are the dilemmas, and how can journalists research them? Detailed program

Thursday October 21: The power of Big Tech

On Day 3, we focus on regulation: Big Tech is by far the heaviest lobbying factor in Brussels The regulation of the area has – logically – been lagging behind. Now regulation is introduced at a fast pace, and indeed Big Tech leading figures are themselves calling for regulation. But how does this battle look in reality? And how can journalists, civil society and academia investigate the field? Detailed program

The seminars are free of charge. Please register here

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The Panelfit project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement n. 788039). The European Commission did not take part in the production of this event and is not responsible for its content.