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Apply to join the European Collaborative Journalism Programme (ECJP)

The Toepfer Foundation and Arena for Journalism in Europe have joined forces to support collaborative journalism among journalists from all over Europe and call for applications to participate in the European Collaborative Journalism Programme.

Digital transformation is putting the media system under pressure. This affects the quality and diversity of the media but also hampers more resource-demanding investigative journalism and in-depth research. At the same time, cross-border stories have become more prevalent such as in the fields of migration, organized crime, pollution or consumer protection. Collaborative journalism provides the means to maintain investigations despite declining resources. It allows to pool resources and expertise, to analyse facts and data jointly and to also publish in several media at the same time.

The Programme: In the frame of ECJP, experts provide input, training and debate on cross-border collaborative journalism. Participants are encouraged to build up a network among each other; they have the possibility to further develop and discuss the exploration of a collaborative story, to recceive feedback from experts and peers and to reflect their work practice and routines.

Target group: Junior as well as mid-career journalists from all over Europe, freelancers as well as staffers from all media who already have first experiences with collaborative journalism or who firmly intend to work in this field.

Dates: Four-day programme from 30 March – 2 April 2022, Seminar Centre at the Baltic Sea
Follow up meeting from 19-22 May at the Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference.

The programme is jointly offered by Toepfer Foundation and Arena for Journalism in Europe. All costs are covered by Toepfer Foundation.

Dates 2022:
March 30 – April 2 2022: 
Conference Centre Gut Siggen, Baltic Sea
May 19 – May 22 2022: Follow up-meeting during Dataharvest 2022, Mechelen, Belgium

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A team from last year’s ECJP was nominated for the 2021 European Press Prize with the investigation “Money to burn”.