Funders and partners for EIJC19

Arena for Journalism in Europe arranges the European Investigative Journalism Conference 2019 in Mechelen, Belgium, and we are thankful to receive funding and be in partnerships with the organisations below:

Our funders:

Special partners 2019:

Conference partners 2019:

Venue, journalism school partner:

The start-up community

In the start-up winter 2018/2019, the EIJC & Dataharvest community proved its warm commitment to keep the conference running. When you enjoy the conference, send a thank you thought to the following, who contributed with their expertise, networks, time and other in-kind support to help get the organisation going:

Kim Brice, Grace and Grit, organizational consultant and personal development coach helping people working in non-profits to be at their best, Netherlands.

Benedikt Hebeisen, Virtualworx, web development, Germany.

Adriana Homolova, data journalist, Netherlands.

Victor Nitu, data developer, Romania.

Pro Bono Connect, legal support organisation, Netherlands.

Global Investigative Journalism Network, journalism network, USA.

Friendly spin-off

We would like to thank for handing over the conference and all related domain names and so forth to Arena for Journalism in Europe, after the board in 2018 decided to spin off the conference.