Talks and trainings

One of Arena’s core goals is to share knowledge on our particular fields in journalism, the innovative, collaborative and cross-border journalism in Europe. We do this on both practical and theoretical level – from hands-on coaching and teaching of journalists involved in an investigation to speaking at conferences and contributing to academic papers.

Our core areas are:

    • Cross-border investigative journalism – history and background
    • The cross-border mindset and method (from 1-hour inspirational talk to 3-day course)
    • Entrepreneurial journalism
    • Building cross-border journalistic networks
    • Trouble-shooting in journalistic international collaborations
    • Fundraising for innovative journalism

Do you need training, talks or other input in these fields? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recent teaching and training assignments:

    • 1-year part-time teaching of the cross-border mindset and method at Gothenburg University (2020-21)
    • Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) Summer School London on cross-border method (2019)
    • Danish School of Journalism, teaching international class on cross-border collaborative journalism (2019)
    • Central European University – EU-supported cross-border training project for journalists from the Western Balkans (2019-20)
    • European Press Prize – master class on networked journalism (2019)

 Recent talks and lectures:

    • Hearing in the Danish parliament: Why is there not more news on the EU in the media? (2019)
    • Hearing in the European Commission on Media Literacy in Europe on the emerging interactive journalism in Europe (2019)
    • The International Journalism Festival (Perugia, Italy) on surmounting bias by practicing cross-border journalism and about the need to experiment in order to develop new digital tools (2019)
    • European Journalism Training Association annual meeting – keynote on bringing cross-border journalism into journalism training (2019)
    • M100 Sanssouci Potsdam meeting, an annual gathering of editors, publishers and senior journalists, on innovative journalism. (2019)