The Arena & IJ4EU Cross-Border Collaboration Masterclass, July 7th 2022

The Cross-Border Collaboration Masterclass takes place several months before the IJ4EU application deadline to give you enough time to prepare your IJ4EU application.

In this half day seminar, we will walk through the particularities of the cross-border collaborative investigation process with a focus on selecting a topic and angle, on finding your team and on preparing a work plan. The overall purpose of the work plan is to get ready for your investigation – including an application for a work grant.

Registration is open until two days before the seminar and free of charge.

Registration for the July 7th 2022 seminar.

This Cross-Border Masterclass will be held on July 7 from 9:00-12:30 by Brigitte Alfter, director of Arena for Journalism in Europe, and Trine Smistrup, journalism trainer and director of the Dataharvest conference. There will be further three such masterclasses, one on July 21st, two will follow later this year, before the second round of IJ4EU applications begins.