Arena for Journalism in Europe partners with IJ4EU: Cross-Border Masterclasses & Dataharvest 2023 fellowships

Arena is happy to announce a partnership with the IJ4EU consortium for 2022/23. For this partnership, Arena will provide master class trainings on crafting a cross-border collaborative journalism work plan – obviously also with the purpose of preparing an application for an IJ4EU grant, if that’s what the team needs. In 2023, the partnership allows to bring in a number of IJ4EU grantees to present their work at Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference and further a number of grantees to join as participants. We are much looking forward to this cooperation, as the Dataharvest community is the obvious network to be in for IJ4EU grantees, and the Arena team has highly specialised competences in the field of facilitating and training collaborative journalism projects.

In preparation for the IJ4EU grant schemes, Arena for Journalism in Europe is offering four Cross-Border Masterclasses. Here you will work with our team and colleagues from across Europe to develop your cross-border investigation and find partners for your project team.

The Cross-Border Masterclasses will take place several months before the IJ4EU application deadlines to give you enough time to prepare your IJ4EU application.

In a hands-on seminar, we will cover the steps for a successful IJ4EU grant application. Together with colleagues from across Europe, you can develop your story ideas and discuss how to best prepare your research and publication plans for a transnational collaboration and audiences.

The first two Cross-Border Masterclasses will be held on July 7 and 21 from 9:00-12:30 by Brigitte Alfter, director of Arena for Journalism in Europe, and Trine Smistrup, journalism trainer and director of the Dataharvest conference. The next two will follow later this year, before the second round of IJ4EU applications begins.

Registration is open until two days before the seminar and free of charge.
You can choose between two dates for the Masterclasses:

Registration for the July 7th 2022 seminar
Registration for the July 21st 2022 seminar

Early next year, 18 of the IJ4EU grantees of this IJ4EU Investigation Support Scheme and Freelancer Support Scheme can receive a fellowship to attend Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference in 2023. Arena will also invite eight IJ4EU grantees from the recent and previous IJ4EU support schemes as speakers to Dataharvest 2023.