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Get wiser and find new stories in our network series on investigating food and water issues in Europe! Free participation.

In the Arena Food & Water Network we come together to discuss how to investigate  issues around food and water in Europe. Together with experts from journalism, academia, civil society and economy we look at data sources, reasearch and journalistic projects that can inspire further investigations and cross-border collaborations.

For everyone interested in the latest data and investigating issues around food and water across Europe, join us for our upcoming meetings.

Online meetings of the Arena Food & Water Network

March 2023

“Sowing Doubt: How Big Ag is Delaying Sustainable Farming in Europe”

Tuesday, March 14th from 14:00-15:15 CET | Join us here: Food & Water Network Meeting Room

Since 2020, lobbyists for the pesticides and agribusiness sectors have campaigned fiercely against the EU’s plans to usher in an era of more sustainable food and farming. The industry has successfully fuelled opposition to green farming reforms in the European Parliament by spreading damning warnings about the planned regulations, which experts condemn as “misleading”.

Clare Carlile and Michaela Herrmann from DeSmog will outline the key narratives the agribusiness industry uses to delay green farming legislation, and their parallels to tactics that have delayed action on fossil fuels globally.

February 2023

Learning lunch: How agriculture pollutes our waters (and the EU does ‘too little, too late’)

Wednesday, February 8, from 13:00 -14:15 CET.

60 per cent of Europe’s surface water (lakes, rivers etc.) are not in a good chemical or ecological status, and more than a quarter of the ground water is in the same state – and industrial agriculture remains one of the main pressures on our water bodies. These numbers are probably even underestimated, due to insufficient data and the current testing practices.

These are some of the conclusions highlighted in “Troubled Waters”, a new research project by Jelena Prtorić from Arena for Journalism in Europe and Luisa Izuzquiza from the German NGO FragDenStaat.

January 2023

The 50 billion agricultural subsidies: Get fresh data and ideas for reporting

Learning Lunch on January 26th 2023 from 12:00 to 13:30 CET.

Join a learning lunch with the Arena Food & Water Network,, and journalists from Süddeutsche/NDR/WDR in Germany and Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland to for a deep dive into the EU farm subsidy database. Get inspired, and leave the lunch with new story ideas and fresh data.

December 2022

Spotlight on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Wednesday, 7th of December from 18:00 – 19:30 CET with Kimberly Nicholas from Lund University and Nina Holland from Corporate Europe Observatory.

November 2022

“Hunger Profiteers”: Investigating food commodities, speculation and trading

Thursday, 17th of November from 10:00 – 11:30 CET with Margot Gibbs and Thin Lei Win from Lighthouse Reports. Presenting their cross-border investigation “Hunger Profiteers”, Margot Gibbs and Thin Lei Win from Lighthouse Reports speak with us about the food speculation and how to investigate the data.

Databuffet: The latest data on food, water and industrial emissions

Tuesday, 22nd of November from 10:00 – 11:30 CET with Caroline Whalley and Juan Calero from the European Environmental Agency (EEA).

October 2022

During the last week of October 2022, the Arena Food & Water Network came together for the first time to talk about the importance of food systems reporting in Europe. With Thin Lei Win from Lighthouse Reports and David Laborde from the IFPRI in Washington D.C., two experts in the field spoke about the systemic issues of our food systems, political choices and the data and details journalists need to look out for when reporting on food systems.


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